Baum-kuchen Luxe Gift Wrap


When we pick a gift for someone special, we are sharing our hopes and dreams for the person... and that's priceless. 

You are getting something extraordinary for your family, friends, colleagues... but don't have time to make it extra special with a gift wrap? Baum-kuchen got your back. Our BK team would LOVE to be a part of your gift-giving rituals by crafting a special gift wrap for you. 

We will wrap your artifacts in a kraft box and adorn them with layers of very tactile gift wrapping ingredients. There will be a space where you can address your gift and write your personal note. When you receive the package, your gift is all ready to go! Whether it is for special holidays, your loved one's birthday, or to make a statement for your anniversary, our gift wrap will add extra sweet touch to artifacts that will be presented. 

When you place an order, please include a note regarding which items should go in your gift box (especially if you are also ordering items that will not be a part of the gift box). Multiple items can go in one box as long as they fit in the dimension below. Please know that the space in the box is limited and some items might not fit in the gift box. 


Our gift box dimension: 10" x 7" x 1.5"  
It can accommodate various items which we curate at Baum-kuchen shop including Roterfaden, Traveler's Notebook, TSL Leather Carrier, washi tapes to many other analogue artifacts! I hope these photos can inspire some thoughts about what can go in the box:) 


Designed By: Baum-Kuchen in Los Angeles, CA

More Photos & Inspiration for Gift-Wrapping on Our Story:

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