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Let's celebrate Traveler's Notebook's 15th anniversary! To mark this special milestone, Traveler's Company has released a B-Sides & Rarities collection for regular and passport TN sizes. We LOVE welcoming these "off the beaten path" refill notebooks and accessories for our beloved TN collection. We hope you enjoy them too!

Passport Letter Pad Notebook is a part of the B-SIDES & Rarities Limited Edition collection from Traveler's Company. 

What if your TN refill notebook can be where you write your letters to your loved ones? The front side of each page is lined, and the backside of each page is a grid, so you can choose the style of layout you would like. 
Page Counts: 30 sheets
Dimension: H4.8" x W3.5  (when it's closed)  

Designed by: 
Traveler's Company in Japan

Made in: Japan


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