[Portfolio] PASSPORT goat leather folder


Baum-kuchen [Portfolio] in passport size is designed to bring an extra tactile and functional joy to your Traveler's Notebook adventure! Designed and made by 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen using high-quality goat leather, we made sure that [Portfolio] works seamlessly with your Passport Size Traveler's Notebook.  [Portfolio] is great for holding loose items that mingle around the notebook... like a receipt, tickets, polaroid pictures. It is a simple artifact that will keep you organized so you can focus on your adventure.  

[Portfolio] is made with a lot of love by 1.61 in Tokyo.

I hope you enjoy watching the nude leather age gracefully with usage and get a darker caramelized look over time. 

Bon Voyage! 

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Material: goat leather

Designed and Made by: 1.61 in collaboration with Baum-kuchen

Made In: Japan


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