[Baum-kuchen Notebook] Mail more LOVE / PASSPORT


Baum-kuchen has been IN LOVE with Traveler's Notebook since 2008. We love that notebook inside can be mixed and matched in however you like!

[Baum-kuchen Notebook] "Mail more LOVE" is an exclusively designed Baum-kuchen original notebook in PASSPORT size. The notebook cover is inspired by the postcard graphic completed with an authentic vintage postage stamp and postal service inspired "Mail more LOVE" stamp.

Inside of the notebook is filled with 32 pages of blank Tomoe River blank papers. We love Tomoe River paper because their pages are so thin and it can be a huge help to lighten up a load of your Traveler's Notebook! 

We think this notebook will be great as an address book or as a place where you keep track of incoming/outgoing letters! 

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Designed By: Baum-kuchen

Printed In: Los Angeles

Condition: New  

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