Vintage Bobbins


This uniquely one of the kind Vintage Bobbins are treasure hunted by PaperPhine in Vienna, a passionate team of designers who combine old and new materials and inspiration. These vintage bobbins come from old weaving mills in Europe and is great for keeping your twine and ribbon beautifully organized in your studio. We love keeping a few sets mt masking tapes on these bobbins when we travel. The authentic vintage look and feel add great personality to your space or as photo props in the background. Each Vintage Bobbin is hand selected by PaperPhine. Since it is one of the kind item, some of our Vintage Bobbins are slightly different from our listed photographs (but just as beautiful:) 

Material: Wooden Core and fibre tops


Vintage Silk Bobbin: H3.75" x L2.5"

Vintage Braider's Bobbin: H3.9" x L1.75"

Designed In: Vienna, Austria
Condition: New

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