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Knitting Bag by Aika Felt Works brings the warmth of the felt combined with a crisp design to your everyday outing.

Aika Felt Works Bag is designed to fit your knitting tools and few balls of yarns so that you can carry your passion for knitting everywhere. But don't be fooled by its name! 

Aika Felt Works Bag is also great to carry other everyday essentials like your phone, wallet and and a notebook (including MIDORI Traveler's Notebook!!), it's a great bag to carry as a sidekick to your adventure. It also work as well as a "bag in the bag" since it folds flat making it easy to store when not being used. We also LOVE the design story behind the 

Aika Felt Works Bag... a true design collaboration between one of Aika's customer (who happened to be also our lovely customer) and Aika herself. You can read more about their design process which included 40+ email exchange as well as multiple prototypes using various mediumBecause of its smart design, it stands itself nicely on the ground when the bottom is unfolded so that the inside contents don't spill out unexpectedly. Its handle is long enough to loop around your arm. (but not long enough to carry over your shoulder). 

The material as industrial felt is highlighted to its best through its design and the vision of a designer Aika Urata and her background in art and industrial design really makes this bag extra special. When you pick up the Aika Felt Works Bag, you can see the clean and simple design of Aika Felt Works meeting an everyday functionality.

Aika Felt Works Bag was designed with much love and care by a Japanese designer Aika Urata in her studio Aika Felt Works in Finland. Cutting and sewing is done by professional sewer in Rovaniemi, Finland

Available in three colors: Apple Green, Dark Grey, and Light Grey.

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Materials:  Made of 3mm-thick 100% wool industrial felt from Germany. 

Care Instruction from Aika Felt Works: 

Spot clean, hand-wash only in sopy warm water (under 30ºC). Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller bag.)
The felt will be worn and pill same as wool sweater over time. You can "shave" its surface by a sharp razor then it will become like new.

The Dimension of Body (excluding handle): height 9.84" x width 10.24"  (25cm x  26cm)

Designed and Made By: Aika Felt Works in Finland
Condition: New
More Photos & Inspiration on Our Story:

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