Jelly Roll Porcelain Necklace / black on white


We love wearing Jelly Roll Necklace because it grounds our soul. It doesn't ornament nor decorate the way we look... it reminds us who we are in our heart when we wear it. 

Each Jelly Roll Necklace is carefully handcrafted by Sara Jacobson of Great Plain Design in Los Angeles. We love how clay as organic material is transformed into a beautifully composed object through Sara's curated aesthetics and her design process. To us... Jelly Roll Necklace represents Bauhaus meets wabi-sabi. 

Matte white porcelain surface with black matte glaze contrast each other harmoniously. You can dress it up with a classic black dress or have fun with a white T-shirt and jeans. 


Handmade ceramic on brass snake chain, brass clasp. 

Black matte on porcelain.

approximately 3" x 2" (due to handmade nature, each is unique)

30" chain, flat brass lobster clasp

Designed and Made ByGreat Plain Design in Los Angeles

Condition: New  

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