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TSL Pen Roll combines our passion for analogue tools and travels seamlessly. It is utilitarian yet beautifully designed to keep up with all the travels and everyday city outings. This Pen Roll features Jim Thompson Fabric on the outside, tanned leather on the inside pockets, and cotton for the liner. 

The inner component of the Pen Roll is divided into four convenient pockets. It opens flat, so you can accommodate various tools you use and carry (pens, scissors, sewing tools... you name it!), and they are easily accessible when you get to work. In addition, the large pocket can easily fit your smartphone, a wallet, or Traveler's Notebook Passport Size refill as well as Field Notes and can be folded in half as a carrying mode instead of being rolled, which makes the Pen Roll a perfect side clutch to carry some of your essentials. It closes with a sturdy leather belt and brass buckle to ensure whatever is inside is safe and secure.  

All materials are carefully sourced in Japan. The Pen Roll is made in the Superior Labor studio in Okayama prefecture, where they turned an old elementary school into a unique workshop space. 

The leather used for the Pen Roll is a high-quality vegetable tanned. You will see some organic marks (minor stains, wrinkles, scars, small lines from blood veins) on the leather, which is all part of the leather as organic material. We believe in respecting the material and thrive on not wasting materials to be "perfectly pure." I hope you enjoy watching the leather grow and age uniquely as you wear them. The leather will also soften with time and usage. 

You will see and feel the craftsmanship of making the Pen Roll when you pick it up in your hands. 

Materials: leather, fabric
Please be advised that the actual material color can vary slightly depending on your screen.

TSL artifacts are handmade with love and care by The Superior Labor in Okayama, Japan. The TSL team works diligently to honor leather as organic material, making sure to minimize production waste. As a result, some TSL artifacts feature natural markings such as scars, blemishes, wrinkles. We hope you enjoy all of the characters for many years ahead as leather ages and patinas.

Dimension: H 8" x W10" (when it's flat with a flap closed)

Designed and Made By:
 The Superior Labor in Japan