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Open-ended Love Letter


We all love to send and receive cards and letters in mail. The entire experience of finding a little envelope in the mail box from someone special, opening it carefully, reading it over and over and having it displayed on the desk, refrigerator and/or on an inspirational wall is priceless... then the inevitable question of "what do I do with the card afterward?" comes up.
That's why The Open-ended Love Letter makes the letter writing ritual extra special. The chalkboard surface adorned by a white chalk pencil allows for a love letter, a special thank you, a creative illustration or a simple "hello" to stand out. The backside of the card highlights a beautiful wood grain to fit on any desk surface, office or home environment. The opening experience of the card is just as sweet as the regular mail (or even sweeter because of a happy surprise factor!) when your special someone receives the letter.
When time comes, they can either keep what is written/drawn on the chalkboard surface for a keepsake or simply erase what is on the chalkboard with a wet cloth to reuse it as a surface for message board, a to-do list, or a creative outlet within household... You can also let the Open-ended Love Letter travel back and forth between you and your pen pal friend or mail it forward to a new recipient with a chalk pencil so that it can continue its journey as a blank canvas for more creativity, inspiration… and love to be shared and passed on!

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