[MD 2024] Monthly THIN (A5)

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Our life can be full of surprises and unexpected turns of events, but our planner doesn't have to be! If you are looking for ways to organize your life with peace of mind, this planner will fit your new year!  

MD Monthly Thin 2024 is a minimalistic monthly planner with plenty of grid memo pages. The monthly calendar is surrounded by white space that gives a lot of creative freedom. Grid memo pages can be used to capture ideas, notes, sketches, or lists. Each notebook has a thin sheet of vellum protectors and a sturdy paper cover. An orange bookmark will keep your page tagged. Pages open flat to make writing easier. You can customize your notebook using MIDORI's signature title page. Once you remove their packaging, it's the simplest white book that can easily fit in your office or living room.

We enjoy pairing the notebook with a pencil board for a smooth writing experience each time!

Depending on your aesthetic and functional needs, you can find your cover for MD Notebook. Since MD Light is slimmer than the regular MD Notebooks, you can fit multiple MD Light notebooks in one cover. 

MIDORI developed papers used in MD Notebooks as original papers in 1960. MIDORI has been improving these papers to perfect the writing quality.

Yearly calendar: 2024 and 2025
Monthly Calendar: December 2023 to January 2025
Grid memo pages: 80 pages

Dimension (when it is closed): 6" x 8.25"x 0.3"

Designed and made by: Midori in Japan

* Photos courtesy of designphil.

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