[Kuretake] Clean Color Dot // 6 Color Set

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Combine both functionality and fun with these Clean Color Dot Markers! Designed with a rounded tip, the markers lay down the perfect dot for your habit tracking, annotating, and journaling needs. The size of the dot can easily be adjusted by the amount of pressure placed creating a dot from 1 - 5 mm. They can also be used as highlighters to call attention to and mark important text, or flex your creativity by experimenting with brush-like strokes to create a fun doodle! The water-based pigments add a touch of color in the most delightful way! 

- Each pack comes with a set of 6 dot markers. 

Mild Colors: Baby pink, Peach bliss, Butter, Pale mint, Powder blue, and English Lavender.

Dimensions: 6" (when capped), 6.9" (with cap posted on back).
Color: The colors may lay darker on more absorbent papers.

Designed by: Kuretake

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