2023 Moon Calendar "MICHIRU"

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Each year, We enjoy looking for the perfect wall calendar that feels just right for BK analogue community. When we encountered this wall calendar, "MICHIRU," we knew that this would make a perfect addition to our lineup. 

The Japanese word "MICHIRU" means to become full.  
Each day on the calendar is an embossed circle with an accent color to show the different moon phases. This subtle graphic will keep you in tune with nature's cycle and beauty in passing the time. Saturdays' and Sundays' moon phases are highlighted in accent colors, and weekdays' moon phases are shown in gray. Each month features a slightly different color design to complement the ever-changing seasons. 
*photos are from the previous year's calendar.

Dimension: W11.7" x H13.5"

Designed and made By: Replug in Japan