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Mira Pouch by ateliers PENELOPE is a stylish and functional companion for your outings. You can carry it by itself with few of your essentials in or use it as a pouch in the bag to organize small items in a larger bag. It's sized perfectly to carry Traveler's Notebook and everyday necessities like your phone and keys. 

We love the way materials feel when we pick up the pouch. The combination of the textured cotton and suede leather 

The suede handle comes handy when you need both of your hands available. All materials are carefully sourced from ateliers PENELOPE and the artifact is designed in their Tokyo studio

Materials: cotton / leather

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Overall: W10.25" x H6.25" x D3.75"

Handle length: 12.2"

Designed and Made by: ateliers PENELOPE in Japan
Condition: New
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