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Brass "COMPASS" pin

Brass "COMPASS" pin
Brass "COMPASS" pin
Brass "COMPASS" pin

Designer: 877 Workshop

$19.00 USD

877 Workshop is based in the harbor city of Hamburg, Germany (it’s also where the Beatles got their start). They infuse their designs with almost obsessive love and passion for forgotten crafts and fabrication techniques.

For the COMPASS pin, Sylvia and Daniel of 877 Workshop embossed the design in brass, hammered it to be a circular motif, polished and patinated it and soldered a tube on the back where the string goes through. I hope you enjoy the photographs of the process which 877 Workshop shared with us. 

Each charm is handcrafted and we hope the unique symbol will guide you through the “thick and thin” of life’s adventures.


  • Brass 
Dimension: 0.75" diameter

Designed and Made By: 877 Workshop in Hamburg, Germany

Condition: New

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