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TRC Factory Green // Ballpoint Pen

TRC Factory Green // Ballpoint Pen
TRC Factory Green // Ballpoint Pen

Designer: Traveler's Company

$34.00 USD

Traveler's Company Limited Edition Factory Green Ballpoint Pen. 

Factory Green Brass Ballpoint Pen is offered as a part of Traveler's Company's limited-edition items as the color "green" is inspired by Traveler's Company's production facility. 

The brass ballpoint pen is inspired by a vintage bullet pen. It is one of those desktop tools that you want to keep on your side.

Each pen comes in two parts. Top part as a handle and the bottom part as a refillable ink holder. When you are not using the pen, you can insert the bottom part inside of the top part to save some space. Very clever. The pen has black ink which flows like a fine point pen and ink can be refilled using ink refill.

Materials: Solid Brass

Dimension: 5.25"x0.5" (when in use)

Designed By: Traveler's Company in Japan

Condition: New

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