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Our lives can be full of surprises and unexpected turns of events. A well-designed and organized planner can be a huge support for managing and inspiring your work and your life.

JIBUN TECHO Biz will be a good fit for you if you love the structures and layouts of the original JIBUN TECHO and are looking for a simpler and more monochromatic design. JIBUN TECHO Biz uses MIO paper. Pages are thin, and the ink dries fast. The removable cover is matt beige, so it blends into the business scene seamlessly. 

JIBUN TECHO Biz provides a framework and flexibility depending on your needs. You can use the pre-designed monthly and weekly structure to organize your time. A project calendar helps you track essential tasks, and you can use designated list pages to document different aspects of life. 

If you have notes, ideas, lists, and journal pages that do not fit in the monthly and weekly pages, you can combine the IDEA Notebook with JIBUN TECHO as a system.

Depending on your aesthetics and needs, you can find your Jibun Techo covers that will comfortably fit JIBUN TECHO and IDEA Notebook. You can also enjoy the matte beige cover, which Jibun Techo BIZ already comes in. 

You can browse the entire Jibun Techo collection here

JIBUN TECHO Biz 2023 includes:

  • Monthly Page: December 2023 - March 2025
  • Weekly Page: December 2023- December 2025
  • Project Tracking Page
  • Map of Japan
  • Japan Map
  • Personal information
  • Reflection of 2024
  • List Pages: Dream, Money, Gift, Favorite Words, Recommendation, Promise, Book, Movie 
  • Removable Matte Black cover

**photographs are captured in previous years using the same notebook. You can see more pics on JIBUN TECHO official website

Notebook covers that work with JIBUN TECHO:

Dimension (when it is closed): 

REGULAR (A5 Slim): H8.5" x W5.35"x D0.3"

MINI (B6 Slim): H7.5" x W4.7"x D0.3"

Designed and made by: KOKUYO in Japan

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