Creative Strategies #1

Creative Strategies #1

Hello, and a warm welcome to the first course of BK Virtual Inspiration Lab - Creative Strategies #1!

The journey of this course began a long time ago when a student once asked me: “Can you teach me to be more creative?” This question set me on a quest to develop a set of strategies that are based on my problem-solving approaches. I have since taught Creative Strategies to well over 1,000 students ranging from Executive Education Workshops, Corporate Retreats, Conferences, Business Schools (including INSEAD with campuses in Singapore and France), and ArtCenter College of Design in California.

This course on Teachable platform features the first three approaches, Pattern Breaking, Failfast Prototyping, and Vision Calibrating with more in the works for future courses. I hope that these Creative Strategies will help you expand your creative potential and empower you to apply new conceptual thinking to your work and your everyday life.


- Frido

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