The Wilderness that Moves Us // Liz Song October 31 2015

I'm excited to introduce Liz Song as a guest writer for this season's Love Letter! She is an old friend from my hometown, and although we've lived far apart for the the past decade, I have admired her love and zest for life, and her deep enthusiasm for the wilderness. Her energy is contagious and she's someone who puts her 100% into her passions. It brings me joy to have Liz share her experience in the Sierras, and the 'layers of time' encountered in the wilderness. I hope she inspires you to explore, set out on new adventures, and take a leap of faith...



Thoughts on analogue system for 2016 December 14 2015


Every year between October-December... I spend a lot of time thinking and imagining what my next year's analogue system look and feel like. I LOVE this process every year as it gives me a chance to look back, reflect and dream how it could be... and it always ends up becoming a diagram so I can make sense out of the system. So this is what I am thinking about... for 2016!!

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Functional Everyday Traveler's Notebook / Kaori September 10 2015

I think there is something really magical about Traveler's Notebook. It almost feels like it carries its own soul once it is used and loved.  

I was excited to hear from our BK friend Kaori-san who resides in New York. To witness her visual narrative of how her Traveler's Notebook adventure is evolving! There are a lot of inspiring elements in her everyday TN and I think you will love taking a peek into her analogue world too:) 

THANK YOU Kaori-san! 


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Stories They Tell September 10 2015


This fall... Angie and I are exploring the idea "Layers of time" at Baum-kuchen. The concept is fitting to Baum-kuchen in so many ways since we are constantly refining our collection with artifacts that are meant to grow with us over time and are trying be mindful about how powerful "time" can be in our everyday. 

I am thrilled to share the first "Layers of time" story written by Angie. About her journey. I know her previous video about her father has brought a lot of big feelings to our Baum-kuchen friends near and far. I admire her for continuing her journey even small step at a time. And I appreciate her for sharing her voice. 



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Staying in tune with my analogue system / Traveler's Notebook August 18 2015


2015 has been a year of analogue system try & error for me. Now that we are in mid-August... I am happy to share that I am finally feeling the planner peace in my heart with Traveler's Notebook. So I thought I would share. 

Before I dive in... the disclaimer would be that this is only a portion of my analogue system. Aside from what I am sharing here, I carry Roterfaden (my personal everyday journal) and another Traveler's Notebook (my BK idea notebook) and use MD Diary for journaling for kids. But for my everyday on-the-go, my TN Blue has been working really hard! 
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Seeing a material transform... with Chipboard Paper Clips August 18 2015

Yesterday morning Coco and I had some downtime so we picked up our paintbrush and water color paint... and had some fun:) She was painting a toothbrush and a left over toilet roll and I was painting our recently added artifact Chipboard Paper Clips! The chipboard on these paper clips are pretty thick so it handled watercolor really well. I think it would be fun to paint with opaque paint too! Maybe paint a white rectangle shape to use it as a label?? Maybe add some mt masking tape? How would you transform these paper clips your way?? The simplicity of this product and its tactility really stirs imagination. 

I put few of the painted clips on my MD Diary as well as Traveler's Notebook. For the one which I added to my Traveler's Notebook, I trimmed the top little bit so it does not stick out so much. (the 2nd picture is before I trimmed it) A fun way to add extra character to the page you are looking for:) 

These downtime with no big agenda rejuvenates us so much. Both Coco and I felt really happy working with paint and paper and seeing different materials transform. That must be one of many many amazing things about analogue. Artifacts are right there in front of us and we can see and feel it change. 

Happy Tuesday:)

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Encapsulating the summer through your senses / Stephanie Watanabe of The Girl Who Knows August 07 2015

As we get ready to welcome Satchi's 1st day of Kindergarden (next Monday!!!), I can't help to feel slightly nostalgic about the end of our summer approaching. For me Stephanie's story came just in time to immerse myself in the joyful and carefully days summer brings to our life. 

I am hoping that we will have more beach and pool days with our girls ahead before Los Angeles summer "actually" ends sometime between September to October... To have a chance to encapsulate the feeling of summer using our senses..., by being present and mindful of our moments today.  

I hope your summer days also continue and you get to use Stephanie's advise to savor each moment! 


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Reparing and adoring Traveler's Notebook August 05 2015


Few months ago, I noticed that my brown Traveler's Notebook leather cover no longer held my refill notebooks in a place properly so I figured it was time for a hardware update! We have been carrying TN repair kit for a long time at our shop but this was really my first time fixing my Traveler's Notebook after using it for over 6 years.

The whole process only took about 15 minutes but it was a big deal for me to update my Traveler's Notebook since I have carried it around for so long.

Here is the photo documentation of before and after.

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Capturing memory from Yakushima with MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook August 05 2015


I love carrying a dedicated travel journal whenever we take a big trip. When we were visiting Yakushima in May, I took a MIDORI Kangaroo Notebook to collect artifacts from our travel. I recently had a chance to capture some of the pages from the notebook and was reminded how meaningful it is to have a travel journal. To be able to visit and revisit the experienced we shared through the collected artifacts as well as little details on the pages.

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Carving one story at a time / Interview with Brian Christopher of Arbor July 21 2015

It is my (humble) belief that so much of our happiness derive from honesty, truth, clarity, simplicity and also acceptance of imperfections. Sometimes, we come across things that really captures these qualities in a tangible way. Today, we're excited to introduce Arbor and Brian-Christopher, an artisan behind Arbor's beautiful collection. He creates simple, handmade artifacts and furniture that allow the natural beauty of the wood to speak for itself. We were captured by his beautiful work, but also the evolution of his journey that led him to Arbor.

I had the pleasure of asking Brian-Christopher about his shop Arbor (, his inspirations, his process, etc. I hope you are inspired, just like we are!

-Angie Park

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Following wild inspiration / Interview with Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase July 21 2015

One of the things that bring me joy is the unique beauty of California wildflowers— colorful, vibrant and untamable. I stumbled across California based floral designer,  Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase ( several months ago, and was immediately captured by the cinematic quality of her pieces and the way she captured the landscape of California through her work— the arrangements feel untamed, wild and free.  I love the way memories, stories, and the idea of "home" is infused in her pieces.  Flowers are ephemeral and transient, but there's an everlasting quality to them— the smells that bring back memories, the colors that remind you of someone, the feeling of being gifted a large bouquet of beautiful roses. All those reminders that you carry within that brings bountiful happiness.

-Angie Park

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"Happiness comes from within" by Angie Park June 23 2015

This post might feel little different from our past stories we have shared. As we approach the season of summer... we asked our friend Angie Park to dig deeper into what the phrase "happiness comes from within" meant to her. Neither of us knew exactly what was going to come out of this process (much like many creative projects that happen within Baum-kuchen) but we trusted that the process will take us to where we needed to be.

The result is a truly personal story of Angie's recent life experience of saying farewell to her father and what came after. The part of "life" that doesn't get shared often openly. I hope you will have five minutes to hear her story... wherever you are... because immersing myself in her voice made me see "everyday" differently. 

Thank you Angie for your courage to speak and share a story that is so close to your heart. 




Story and Footage: Angie Park

Edited: Baum-kuchen

Music: Lake Yarina by Josh Garrels from

5 years of glowing and evolving... and how to Make a 5 Year Plan May 27 2015

To get started in the creation of a 5 year plan it is important to understand the difference between a goal and a planA goal is a specific target that you want to accomplish and a plan is the way in which you will reach that goal. For example if your dream is to own a coffee shop then technically this would be your goal. The way that you would go about realizing that dream (such as mastering the craft of coffee brewing, finding a suitable location and funding, buying the equipment, etc.) would constitute as the actual plan. Since these two terms are inseparable I will refer to them collectively as being part of the 5 Year Plan.

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Traveling to Yakushima (and shop schedule update for next 3 weeks)! April 15 2015

For next 3 weeks, we will be making our annual visit to the island of Yakushima in Japan. (You can browse our experience from past trips from this link:)  This is our 4th time going back to this very special place in our life and we can't be more thrilled. Okay... honestly I am very excited but also slightly freaked out at the same time... from the idea of getting ready for the trip, leaving the shop/studio for that long and from all the other things that come with travel. But Frido has been incredible in taking the lead in getting the family ready... and I am trying to focus on wrapping up few things here in the studio before we take off.
The great news is... that our amazing Nerine will be in the studio on Mon/Wed/Friday opening the shop (between 10am-1pm on most of the days) and fulfilling online orders in a timely manner. You can always check the updated shop calendar here. So just like everything else in life... Baum-kuchen will be okay without me being here for 24/7... 
On this trip, Frido's parents are flying in from Germany to meet us on the island. It will be such a treat to experience a place that is so close to my heart with them and for Satchi and Coco to spend quality time with all of us together. I have a few creative projects I want to work on while I am away... and Frido will be finishing up the Yakusugi projects (Yakusugi is 1000+ year old cedar unique to this island...) which he started last year. We will most likely have a descent internet connection even though it's a remote island so I am looking forward to sharing my travel experience here on our blog as it unfolds. 
Please know my email correspondence will be bit slower than usual since I will only be checking in with internet once/day or every other day (and who knows what might be our jet lag condition with kids for a few days...) so please expect slight delay in our correspondence starting this weekend. 

Analogue system as a reflection of our life... April 14 2015

The other day I was asked how my analogue system has evolved since I last shared about my hopes and dreams for archiving, planning and inspiring this year.

In some way... a lot have changed and I feel little bit wiser and more insightful about my system compared to 6 months ago when I was trying to figure out the overall dynamic of needs to archive vs. organize... the journaling vs. planning.  I have been using Roterfaden A5, Traveler's Notebook and extra A5 notebook to keep myself in line with my life and MIDORI MD Diary in A5 size to journal for my girls. Together they are closer to the reflection of who I am today..

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Bits and pieces from the Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (4/5/15) April 07 2015

I am so thrilled to share that we had wonderful time gathering at Baum-kuchen studio/shop to host the very very first Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe on Instagram). 

I have admired her journaling style, her aesthetics and sensitivity to details for so long... so to be able to soak up the inspiration from Eunice, her story as well as journaling techniques along with other workshop guests who also loved journaling as much... was definitely beyond what I could have ever asked for. 

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Getting ready for Inspiration Lab with Eunice (@thedailyroe) March 24 2015


I can't quite recall exactly when I "met" Eunice (@thedailyroe) via Instagram. It feels like I have followed her for a very very long time... Her updates have always filled my fancy and love for analogue. So I was thrilled to hear back from Eunice when I contacted her reg. doing a little interview about her Traveler's Notebook. While I was going back and fourth with Eunice about her Traveler's Notebook, I had a mini epiphany that I absolutely needed to share her artistic sense of journaling and creative approach in documenting her life with more people who were also passionate about what we loved. 

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The power of collaboration / seeing things differently March 24 2015

I love ordering a new collection of mt tape each season. The best part of the process is to hunt for "the" tape that fits our Baum-kuchen out of all the tapes mt offers... So when we received a box full of tapes last week, my heart jumped! It happened to be my friend Susan was visiting our studio the day, so we got to work and sprinkled the studio/shop with new tapes. Susan also owns a very nice camera and an awesome eye for details so I totally recruited her as a photographer of the day:) 

Here are some selected pics from the photo shoot Susan did in the studio. I whole heartedly believe in the power of collaboration and I was so thrilled to see how Susan saw these tapes in her fresh perspectives. The images were not only wonderful but different from the way I have captured the tapes before (but still very Bam-kuchen because she knows us well:). 
You can find currently available mt Masking Tape here! I hope you enjoy:)
Thank yo Susan for your incredibly kind contribution!
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Eunice's Traveler's Notebook [Original Compilation of Memoirs] March 14 2015

I had the greatest pleasure to ask our friend Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe on Instagram) about how she uses her Traveler's Notebook and her thoughts on journaling and documenting life. I must warn you... that her images and texts on this post will bring so much inspiration to your analogue world. (It certainly did to me:) 

I am so honored to announce that Eunice will be hosting Inspiration Lab at Baum-kuchen on April 5th (Sunday) between 1pm-4pm. It will be all about "how to capture your life stories through visual journaling". Eunice and I share so much passion and love for analogue process and experience and it has been an amazing experience to work with her in crafting this very special workshop. And little analogue box Eunice is preparing for each participant and specially curated analogue play table for workshop participants... It will be like a candy store for analogue enthusiasts. You can RSVP your spot for the workshop here

Okay. Are you ready for immersing yourselves into her Traveler's Notebook world?? Here it goes!

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Mark your pages... especially the pages that inspire you:) March 14 2015



We are thrilled to share some new Book Darts available at our shop! "pin your dreams" and "track your journey".  When I design the message on Book Darts, I try to imagine the reason why these little beauties might be used in someone's life. Would he mark his dream vacation on a travel magazine? Would she leave a Book Dart on the recipe page that she is inspired by? Would he insert few Book Darts on the journaled pages he wants to remember and go back to? It's such a fun process!
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Behind the scene... 1.61 Soft Goods February 17 2015

We are so lucky to be able to continue collaborating with Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods. Knowing how things are made and where is a really important factor of artifacts to us. Because I feel that... if our customer knows how the item is designed and made... with so much love and care..., it will be used and loved longer. 

So I asked Diana and Wes if I could hang out at their studio for a while and watch them make some of the leather items that are currently carried at Baum-kuchen. (We once visited their studio when we had a meeting - with Satchi and Coco!) I have a lot of video footage from the visit that will be incorporated into the future Baum-kuchen clips but here are some of my favorites still images. Each item we carry from 1.61 Soft Goods is made here in this space... one at a time with their hands. Their studio (that also functions as their living quarter) is full of creative energy. Everything from tools to their tea cup is organized based on functionalities and their line of work. Watching them work in their well-oiled space is like watching a beautifully synchronized dance... moving from one station to another to complete their work-in-progress project. I love and adore their genuine personalities (as an individual and as a sweet couple) and their never ending desire to create. 

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Dear Satchi & Coco... February 09 2015

I have been writing (almost) everyday to our girls since last October and it has been one of the most amazing and therapeutic change I have made in my life. I am using MD 2015 Daily Notebook in A5 size. Initially I was worried that the A5 size might be too big to fill out everyday but I somehow always have something to write or draw:) I don't have any rules about what I write everyday... and the page happens very organically. Sometimes I would write an entire letter to each of them... sometimes I capture what we did or what they said... or moments from the day. Some day I use the provided structure of the page to document the hourly activity... I am using the monthly spread as a visual index and it has been fun to come up with a little doodle for the tiny box.

I noticed that my need to document about little ones on our blog has decreased quite a bit recently and it might be because I have a healthy outlet in my analogue world. Out of all the notebooks I carry around everyday... this one is definitely the most treasured.

I am so looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the course of the year!

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Taking a calligraphy workshop with Maybelle Imasa-Stukulus February 09 2015

Few weekends ago, I had a lovely opportunity to take calligraphy class from Maybelle through Poketo's workshop. Honestly... the 3 hours with Maybelle changed my life.

I have to say my first "line" with a calligraphy pen was horrific... but she gave us a few tips and an incredible demo during the 3 hours workshop. By the time 3 hours went by, I was so in love with my calligraphy pen. I seriously can not put down the pen since then. Her starter kit (which can be purchased on her etsy store now) made things really easy to start. Because it can be really intimidating to get the first hurdle of "starting". I love how beautiful her kit looks on the table... and how easy it is to just grab them and start writing.

She is now teaching a class online through Creativebug. If you have an itch to write more... I definitely recommend her class!

And if you are receiving letters from me... unexpectedly..., just know that I have re-discovered the joy of writing and can't help to share it with you:) xo

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Bringing artifacts to life! February 09 2015


 You know we received some new Superior Labor bags last week... I took a lot of pictures in the studio but it was just lucking the last bit of life the bags totally deserved so I asked Frido to come in the studio on Friday to take pictures with some of the bags. Here are some of my favorites. I was absolutely totally awkward in some of the photos that are forever going to stay only on my laptop. I am much happier just hugging the bags (above picture) than pretending to walk with the bag. Some day... I hope we could bring professional models to be in these photo shoot but for now... we do what we can to make things happen.

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Sharing what we believe with the world... February 04 2015


As I was taking the pictures of their beautiful bags, I was reminded how incredibly lucky I am to be able to share artifacts we believe in. The way the materials for the bags are sourced from all over Japan, the way the bags are made one at a time by hands in a rural part of Okayama prefecture, how they continue to find joy in creating and making... I truly aspire their brand.

Some bags that were stocked today already found new homes within an hour of us posting the product on our website... (thanks to our amazing community on Facebook and Instagram...). Here is the list of items we updated if you are interested in browsing through!

Shoulder Bag: 
Khaki canvas with navy paint
Khaki canvas with orange paint (sold out)

Tote Bag:
Khaki canvas with yellow paint
Khaki canvas with blue grey paint
Khaki canvas with white paint
Beige canvas with red paint
Natural canvas with blue grey paint
Natural canvas with orange paint

Tote Bag LIMITED EDITION with leather bottom (with 3 stencil options)

It's so hard to pin point my favorite from newly added items... Frido loves khaki shoulder bag with orange or navy paint. I think khaki tote bag with white paint got such an awesome vibe while being versatile... and the tote bag with leather bottom!!!

Which one is your favorite??

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Behind our Baum-kuchen love letter January 28 2015

Recently I shared how we have been evolving our packaging ideas for Baum-kuchen. I am asking a lot of same questions about everything we do... including our BK love letter. (You can subscribe through here if you are interested). I feel that the BK love letter in the format of email newsletter allows us to share a singular theme in a creative way compared to our other media such as blog, Facebook page and Instagram. And it's so important to me that each BK love letter is thought out because it is destined to add one more incoming email to our friend's inbox... and I don't want to clutter inbox with contents that are less than meaningful. 
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Today is the only day... January 28 2015

I hope your first month of the year has been filled with amazing adventures!

Lately I have been obsessed with the quote "today is the only day". Maybe because I recently read the book "Being mortal"... or maybe because it's a new year.  

Life isn't made of huge milestones that are highlighted. They are part of it, but the big chunk of our life is made of everyday moments. The mundane, possibly boring, events that are easily overlooked.

Life is in the beautiful details that only last for a glimpse. 

Life happens this moment.

This is what the quote "today is the only day" means to us... to our Baum-kuchen family. I hope you enjoy taking a peek into our little mundane life. It's a collection of moments that makes us "us". (link to the video here)

... and if today were the only day, how would your day... or this moment.. look like?



Watercolor with Roterfaden sketch notebook January 18 2015


While we anxiously wait for a new parcel to arrive from Roterfaden in Germany... I thought I would share a little watercolor experiment on their Sketch notebook.

I used ZIG Clean Color Real Brush from Kuretake for the initial pigment (instead of using the real watercolor paint) and touched up with wetted brush. I know it's little bit like cheating... but I find these water color brush extremely convenient and easily accessible especially when I am painting with Satchi. Little less mess to clean up afterward:)

I wetted some parts of the paper quite a bit but it seemed to hold water pretty well. Some of the darkest spots did show through on the other side of the paper. When I first touched the paper with wet brush, paper seemed less absorbent of the water than the watercolor paper I have used before... but I am far from being a professional painter so I hope the pictures do some justice in describing the compatibility. I know that the paper and pen (paint) combination is really personal and subjective to each one of us... so hopefully you have a chance to try it out too!

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Growing inside and outside January 13 2015


I never knew receiving a branded sticker can be so exciting! That's what happened today in the studio:) 

One of (many) things I promised myself to accomplish in 2015 is to continuously evolve how we fulfill package to bring extra delight to our customers when Baum-kuchen package arrives and opened. Not an over night make over design solution but a slow gradual transition to better, much better to a great package. With a healthy dose of try and error and a natural selection of design as a part of process:)

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Table scape of abundance... January 09 2015


I am terrible in staying same. The word "constant" kind of scares me. I need to be moving forward... making changes and fine tuning what I am doing. After getting through very busy few months, I was so ready to change things up in the studio.

During Christmas and New Year, I felt the amazing feeling of abundance. To be able to give, receive... and celebrate the special day with abundance of great companies, food and moments to be grateful for.

The abundance... in the most positive way.

So I wanted to reflect the feeling within the store display. We usually keep minimum items showcased instead of having "everything" out but I wanted to challenge the thinking and create a table scape of mindful abundance... with artifacts we love and admire so much without feeling cluttered.

There is a chance that I go back to the shop with "nothing" on the display in a few months (I tend to be extreme as well)... so we will see. But for now this feels good:)

Come and visit!

(next up is cleaning up the back room and organizing my work station)

The Superior Labor Money Clip + Traveler's Notebook January 07 2015



Yesterday I updated a few new brass products from The Superior Labor. I am totally in love with their Brass Key Chain Ring and Brass Money Clip. And of course... our awesome customers had the brilliant idea of using Brass Money Clip on their Traveler's Notebook.

So I tried it out and it TOTALLY works! With The Superior Labor Money Clip, you can clip bundled refill pages inside or use it on the outside leather to hold a loose sheet of paper. An added bonus... they just look good together;)

Thank you Amy & Kaori-san for sharing the idea! Brilliant;)

Creating orders... with brass hangers January 07 2015

I had a full day at the shop today and (finally!!) spent some time organizing in and around the studio space. Not enough... but a good start:) One thing I was able to do was to tackle some of the paper piles on my work station. My work station is in the corner of the shop... so I am always slightly conscious when it gets too messy.

I wish all the paper work I handle at my desk is as beautiful as the stationery we carry... but for now... tax form, receipt, bank statements... look the way they do. So when I stumble on the idea of using the Superior Labor Brass Hanger as a place to clip papers... to create some kind of order, I was beyond thrilled! I can categorize and clip different papers, forms and correspondence on hangers. Multiple hangers can be placed on a single nail creating a neat but visual order. 
Little analogue tools that make me happy (and productive). 

Thank you 2014... hello 2015 December 30 2014


I have spent last few weeks creating a closure to the year of 2014 and dreaming up what 2015 might look and feel like in my life. I have used a kraft refill for Traveler's Notebook as a place to capture ideas, thoughts and inspiration. I love starting one blank spread page... and spending few weeks working on 1 specific theme on the spread (in this case... the transition between 2014 to 2015). It's satisfying to see how the page evolves with its own life over time and I never know how it would look like until I finish the page. 

I am looking forward to inspiring and being inspired through life's journey... from everyday of the year in 2015.

Thank you for all the support and love throughout the year of 2014. I can't wait to share more with you when the new chapter opens! Let's make it a good one:)

Thank you 2014... hello 2015!



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Experimenting with Traveler's Notebook Weekly Vertical as my bullet journal / to-do list (and loving it:) December 23 2014

As I go through the month of December, I have continued to fine tune my analogue system from where I started in October. I love where I am now with my little ecosystem of life:)

One thing I decided to do as a new experiment was to use the TN Weekly Vertical (also available as 2015 dated Weekly Vertical) as my modified bullet journal / to-do list. I already had a monthly refill Kraft notebook as a place to capture my idea as well as 1.61 [Essential] as a wallet so I was worried if my Traveler's Notebook becomes too thick to carry... but 3 notebooks + one leather insert still seems to work as a compact system.

I use the weekly spread of the TN Weekly Vertical as a place to capture running to-do list as how I used to use Bullet Journal. Often I don't finish everything I put on my list on the specific day so it has been nice to be able to see the entire week as one open page. If I don't get things done during the week, I simply write the item again on the next week's spread as Bullet Journal suggests to do each month. To me... weekly update to the list is more realistic than monthly update of the list since they are mentally updated more frequently and I actually get things done by needing to write (and re-write) the same points each week. Sometimes on Sunday night I spend time going through the lists of things that did not get done during the week (and actually take time to finish them at the spot) just so that I don't have to re-write it again on the next week's spread page!

And there is something nice (and comforting) about knowing I have my list with me at all time.

The 2015 Weekly Vertical starts from next week and I am thrilled to add a pop of color to my trusty Traveler's Notebook (which will officially turn 6 years old in a few days:)

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Monthly calendar = visual index for the everyday December 17 2014


Some journals and planners start from December of the previous year. I think it's brilliant! Like getting a taste of the new year little ahead.

I have been documenting the girls' everyday in a little notebook for last 5 months and I have loved the process so much! It has really helped me to be present and not miss little things that makes everyday ... a life. Initially I thought I would stick with a small format but ended up choosing MD 2015 Daily Diary in A5 size from MIDORI. I love the simplicity of their layout. It feels so meditating to be looking at a blank pages in this notebook.

And since the monthly notebook starts from December and daily page is undated..., I decided to tap into the notebook yesterday as a little birthday present to myself:) I really adore it and I am sure that I will be sharing more about it in the near future...

So far... my favorite thing to do on this notebook is to use the monthly pages as a visual index to the daily page. Since I am not using this notebook to plan my day (I have my Traveler's Notebook Monthly Calendar (TN/017) to do this), I can really have a lot of fun doodling in the little box on the monthly page that highlights the day for the girls.  I have very little pressure to "make it perfect"... so it's all fun and really spontaneous.

I have a good feeling that I will write a lot with my pen in this coming year.

Analogue System to transform dreams into reality // Lisa Kawai November 25 2014

I love how each person uses analogue system differently to connect dots between today and tomorrow. Lisa is at this amazing place in her life where she works for advertising industry as a consultant while pursuing her dream in lifestyle flower arrangement. 

I am excited to share the story about how she organizes her time while staying inspired for what's next in life. I hope you enjoy peeking into her analogue system!  


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Starting off 2015 right! // Pauline Boldt November 24 2014

Pauline runs a creative branding agent (26 Projects) in Canada. She works from a office where she shares with her team of 26 Projects as well as her studio at home and on the road. She shares her intimate work studio in her home (where it looks like a beautiful oasis to me!) and her analogue system that works her mobile creative lifestyle. She is a professional photographer so her photos are inspiring and not to be missed. Enjoy:)

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Plan, journal, archive and INSPIRE everyday in 2015 November 20 2014


Many of you know that I have been OBSESSED with the idea of analogue system. I can't tell you how many evenings I spend just flipping through an empty notebook... thinking of a possibility of the blank pages. As we approach the end of 2014, I have an urgent desire to make sure that my analogue world really reflects where I am in my life to start 2015.

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Story behind "The Journey is the destination" sticker November 18 2014


If you have recently placed an order with Baum-kuchen, you have received this "the journey is the destination" sticker in the package! The making of this sticker started from the conversation Frido and I had about wanting to share our gratitude during the holiday seasons to our customers. Just like anything we do, process is an inspiration of why we do it so I thought I would share how it was designed and made!

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Pack my life in the Superior Labor Shoulder Bag! November 12 2014


As I was preparing to place a new order with The Superior Labor few nights ago (stayed way too late past midnight because I am totally obsessed about them), I couldn't contain myself about how much I love them. So here is the result of my love obsessed quick photo shoot from this morning in the studio. Seriously... they are so amazing and I can't get enough of them.

I also love some of the fall/winter appropriate colors like light khaki, navy and black paint. I carry mine few times a week when I head out to the studio. My entire life fits in this bag as I commute and I love how much conversations this bag triggers from simply carrying it over my shoulder. Male, female, young and elder... all seem to be intrigued by the bag.

Just thought I would share:)


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HOBONICHI hearts Roterfaden November 05 2014


I have received a question on Instagram (after posting this 2015 planner madness at midnight) about the compatibility of Hobonichi Cousin (A5 size) and Roterfaden. Because there is nothing like being able to use your favorite leather cover for many many years to come with a beautiful planner, right?

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[Metamorphosis] MIDORI Traveler's Notebook BLACK // new & 6 years November 05 2014

Our dear customer Kaori-san asked me if a black Traveler's Notebook worn in like a brown one. (She is thinking of giving a black one to her husband as a special gift:) So I wanted to share some pictures of how 6 year old black Traveler's Notebook would look like.

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Capturing everyday through Visual Bullet Journal November 04 2014


Since the beginning of this year, I have implemented Bullet Journal into my day-to-day operation. I seriously don't know how my life was run before Bullet Journal. First few months, I was using A5 format to capture everything then I switched the format to Traveler's Notebook so that everything was in one place and absolutely portable. After coming back from Yakushima in May and used bullet journal more visually to capture our travel, I wanted to incorporate the visual storytelling into the everyday. As I was combing through some old photos today, I found these pictures I took back in July.

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Hello holidays... November 04 2014

Hello November... and we are starting to feel the holiday air at our shop. November and December have been historically difficult for us as a family... to find the equilibrium between shop and home. All the holiday gatherings alone can be really unpredictable and overwhelming for little ones. On top of that add bunch of long days when I am not as present as usual at the dinner table. Part of it is a reality. We run a small online retail and we do get busy during these two months.

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Treasuring the way of living // Lisa Kawai October 30 2014

Hello Baum-kuchen friends!  Happy to be back to this month’s love letter from Tokyo where autumn is in the air and day after day gets darker. When I first thought of the idea “treasured artifacts", I paused a moment and had a small panic moment since we recently went through “cleansing” our house! We got rid of so many big and small items - from number of rooms (!), clothes, tableware we didn’t use over period of time, to a collections of small gifts and souvenirs that slept in the drawers. We revisited all these “possessions” that we owned and are now left with minimal number of belongings that survived the screening process. We made sure that these objects are reflective of our current lifestyle and values (...with some remaining desires that went into a future wish list!). So sitting in front of the computer, I thought, "oh no…we do not own any family keepsake artifacts for the sake of owning them because we just stopped doing that".  
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The Thoughtful Gatherer // Pauline Boldt October 26 2014

As far back as I can recall, I have gathered and collected items that held meaning to me.  As a very young girl, I would rummage through my father’s rubbish bin and pull out sheets of paper and different colored envelopes, organize them and then stick them in a box that I kept on a shelf in my closet.  I imagined that these papers were important and that my job was to keep them safe and well cared for.. which meant me going through them on a regular basis, shuffling them around, folding them, sometimes even drawing on them and then of course sticking them back in the box, back on the shelf.  Safe until the next time.

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Creating an Artifact Catalogue October 26 2014


Two years ago, Frido and I were fortunate to spend 6 weeks on the island of Yakushima where my grandfather had clean up what was left at the house after he passed away six months prior. My family hadn’t had a chance to go through the process of cleaning and organizing his things because this little island is quite far from major cities and it really took more than a weekend to organize a person’s belongings from his lifetime. During those six weeks Frido, Satchi and I spent at his house, we carefully went through each room. We got rid of perishable foods in the kitchen, recycled as much plastic containers and glass jars as possible (he kept everything!) and boxed personal items in a somewhat organized manner. It was a very memorable process that we had an opportunity to take a part of… because it felt like we got to know my grandfather little better through sorting through his belongings.

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[Metamorphosis] MIDORI Traveler's Notebook Brown // 2 & 6 years October 21 2014


Brown Traveler's Notebook is one of the oldest product I can feature with its unique metamorphosis process. And probably one artifact that is the closest to me. I remember so vividly the day I saw this beautiful leather notebook displayed so casually in a large Tokyo stationery store. It was the last day of our stay in Tokyo and I couldn't believe how much and how quickly I fell in love with it... at the moment I saw it. I dragged Frido to the little corner of the stationery store and made up my mind that I would get the brown one and Frido would get the black one ... and stuffed our suitcase with all the refill notebooks I could carry because I knew that they would be difficult to find in the U.S. This was before Traveler's Notebook started gaining the popularity and really... nobody seemed to know about it in the States. Little I knew that this beautiful leather notebook cover will be the beginning of our  Baum-kuchen journey.

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Shop update: shipping rate, schedule, opening hours and BIG THANK YOU! October 15 2014


I am pretty thrilled to let you know that we finally have a humble presence on the building where Baum-kuchen resides thanks to Frido! It has been a whole year since we opened the shop in this space and we can't wait to see what is ahead of us.

As we believe in transparency and open communication about how we work inside of the Baum-kuchen, I would love to take a moment to share few updates with you.


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MD Notebook 2015 Daily / Hobonichi Cousin (A5) October 08 2014


This is my current obsession...  THE 2015 planner. I know it seems silly but it is a really big deal to me and I am literally losing my sleep thinking about it. (it's a good thing that planner and paper products are so much of what I do everyday at Baum-kuchen...)

It's a system I am hoping to commit for a year and document our everyday both for the family and shop. Especially now that I am starting to get a sense how powerful the accumulation of each day, month and year... and 5 year can be. (it comes with getting older... I suppose.)

So I am putting quite bit of effort in understanding what is available out there. Through my customer I came across Hobonichi  (a Japanese translation of the word "hobonichi" is "almost everday").  It's a Japanese planner system that has quite bit of cult followers and creative community. I loved the idea of dated daily journal (after trying non-dated bullet journal and carrying a monthly dated calendar to organize scheduling). The idea of "documenting a day" instead of simply using a planner to arrange schedule really fascinates me. So I asked Frido to pick up a few Hobonichi samples from the store when he was in Japan few weeks ago.

At Baum-kuchen, we have been carrying MIDORI MD daily diary as well as monthly calendar . One of our customers asked me to do a side-by-side comparison of Hobonichi Cousin and MIDORI MD Daily Diary so here they are! They are both A5 size and have monthly calendar as well as daily page. They are both stitch bound so they open flat.

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Baum-kuchen brick and mortar shop / REFRESH! September 28 2014


We have been wanting to update the shop layout at our Glassell Park brick and mortar and I am so thrilled that we finally found some time to tackle the project on Friday!

I started with taking literally everything off the shelf on Friday morning... It's the best way to make sure that it is actually a "change" instead of a small update. 
First I relocated my work corner from the side of the entrance door to the little nook which is adjacent to our back room. It made more sense since I am constantly going back and fourth between these two spaces and my desk has been looking pretty messy lately. I now work standing (have you read benefit of standing desk??) on my vintage Japanese Tansu if I have to be on my laptop or on my work bench. I love that it's all tacked in one corner. 


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Pressing memories... from our humble adventure in Hamburg September 11 2014

As I prepared for our recent trip to Germany, I wanted to explore a new way of capturing our day-to-day discovery because travel always brings intense learnings to us.  (when we were traveling Yakushima in spring, I loved capturing our adventure using visual bullet journal!)

Coming from dry desert of Los Angeles, northern Germany would be filled with fresh greens and blooms in season and I thought... why not press flowers everyday and send those pressed flowers as postcards from Germany to our family and friends? So the project started from the day we landed on Hamburg, Germany. I didn't really know how the end result was going to turn out because I didn't have much experience in pressing flowers prior to this trip but I was armed with postcard size watercolor paper, self-inking date stamp, mt masking tape, Brass alphabet bookmark and Kraft Envelope with Window, a travel size water color kit and much excitement. 
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Re-discovering the lost art of handwriting September 11 2014

Hello readers! I'm excited to be part of Baum-Kuchen's September newsletter around the lost art of analogue. It feels like just yesterday when I spent hours recording music on cassette tapes, creating scrapbooks from magazine cut-outs and developing rolls of black and white film in a darkroom. What is truest and dearest to my heart is the art of handwriting— I spent many hours of  my youth practicing my loopy L's and my teenage years composing letters to my friends and writing bad poetry.  They're like capsules from another time and something I hope we continue to pursue and treasure in this digital age. Enjoy!

— Angie Park

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Daniel's Traveler's Notebook [A companion and an organizer for creativity] August 19 2014


Daniel is currently using two Traveler's Notebook (Passport and regular size each) and I am so honored to have witnessed his extensive process of customizing his notebooks in our Baum-kuchen store in order to maximize their potential. He sampled different TN refills for their compatibility using his favorite pens and tested out different accessories to find the right match and how they felt in his hands.

They were to become his go-to-tools for creativity and it was important that it did not inhibit his creativity while providing a sense of organization. I take my analogue system pretty seriously so I was very inspired to get to know his way of thinking. I hope his Traveler's Notebook grows with his creative career bringing much inspiration to his art of story telling!

Thank you Daniel!


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Stephanie's Traveler's Notebook [A place to tap into senses] August 19 2014


I met Stephanie (The Girl Who Knows) at our shop few months ago. She walked into the store to explore... and we instantly got in talking about our passion for notebooks (and stationery) and how much we love leather as a material because of the way it feels. She also mentioned to me how she is 1/2 Japanese and how much of her Japanese background has influenced who she has become. I was so intrigued by her and asked her out for lunch:) 
My first impression stayed true... and more as I have gotten to know her over many following mini get-togethers. I feel inspired and grounded at the same time when I chat with her and can't be more excited about her newly launched lifestyle website!! (If you are looking for inspiring reads to listen to your gut little bit closer, you should definitely check it out!)
She shared how her Traveler's Notebook 'feels" in her life and has been impacting her everyday. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have been!
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Inspiration for future travel [The Superior Labor Backpacker] August 15 2014


Palm Springs has such a cool mixed vibe of design, dry desert and pop of colors... We took our brand new Superior Labor Backpacker to test it out in the hot air!

We are already so head over heels for their Engineer Shoulder Bag with its design, craftsmanship and quality... and definitely saying YES to carrying this unique Backpacker everywhere we go with our future adventures because it is totally growing on us.

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Because options for Traveler's Notebook are awesome! August 13 2014


Since we opened our brick and mortar shop, I have witnessed many great moments... when our customers make the big decision to determine how they would customize their Traveler's Notebook picking the perfect combination of refills and accessories. I am so fascinated by watching the process because it's so personal...

When we put our head together with Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods to come up with Baum-kuchen original leather inserts, we were hoping for making the notebook even more functional while keeping the tactile experience to be just as amazing as the Traveler's Notebook leather cover itself.
I am excited to share [Essential], [Pocket] and [Portfolio] leather inserts to customize the Passport Size Traveler's Notebook so that your Traveler's Notebook can be perfectly suited for you and your life!

#packgoodkarma from Baum-kuchen August 03 2014


Ever since I have started growing our team in the studio, I made a switch to more streamlined fulfillment process and am always looking for ways to reduce our errors when we fulfill and ship each package.  

It all has been great in efficiency but I have been missing the "little extra touch" I felt that I put in when I personally wrote every single shipping address. But no productive solution comes out by missing things in the past, right? So instead... I created the "next" version of our fulfillment process.  
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Through the memories of summers / Lisa Kawai July 28 2014

Japanese people eagerly wait to hear the official announcement of "the end of rainy season" called "Tsuyu-Ake" in July. I'm not personally a big fan of the moist, humid, grumpy "Tsuyu" (rainy season in Japanese) that usually starts in June right after the fresh green season of May except for seeing plants and flowers decorated beautifully with raindrops. So I was thrilled to hear that the season of "Tsuyu" was finally over last week! The announcement came 16 days later than last year and is officially an exciting beginning of the summer for us here again.  

- Lisa Kawai

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The geography of summer memories / Angie Park July 28 2014

Hello! I'm thrilled to be part of Baum-Kuchen's August newsletter around the theme of  "summer memories."  It's the season that always brings a wistful breeze and an indescribable longing (whatever that may be).  I'm excited to share my own wistful Los Angeles summers of the past— the amalgamation of history, music, family and visual landscapes that color my memories in a deeply personal way.  A big tribute to my family, Baja California and youth! Hope you enjoy!

- Angie Park

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