Gift-wrapping... an art of our soul. November 29 2016

Welcoming back someone special... with a personal tag in the mail. November 01 2013

A little while ago, one of my Baum-kuchen customer asked me which stamping pad is good to use to get the most out of Traveler's Notebook Star Ferry Company stamp. Even though I love working with analogue tools, I was not very familiar with the world of stamp... so I asked our friend Susan Kennedy who is amazingly immersed in the creative stamping culture to share one of her project as well as some useful stamping techniques. She is also at this very exciting point in her career life to start something creative, thoughtful and yummy using her special talents. You can follow her adventure through her blog The (other) Kennedy Compound.So here is Susan!


I like the process of sitting in my studio and creating “just a little something” to send to someone.  It’s probably not their birthday, or a holiday, or any specific time that they might expect to receive something. It’s usually just when I’m thinking about them and I want to let them know. Email, Facebook or a texts don’t send the same message.

My sister Ann is a traveler. Her latest adventure took her to Israel, where she had the opportunity to experience some amazing things. I thought it would be nice if she had a little something in her mailbox, other than bills and junk, to welcome her home. I wanted to share something that wouldn't get lost in her over flowing email inbox. Having something to physically open and touch has so much more appeal. I made a small, personalized note card that captured the spirit of her travels. I'm hoping it brightens her return to the "real world". 


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Writing a letter and learning ABCs October 26 2013

Writing a letter has been one of our favorite family activities with Roo lately! I love how it combines both critical and creative thinking... while giving her a great opportunity to get familiar with letters and words.

When she is in the letter writing mode, we talk about the person whom she is sending her letter to... What would the person like to see? What picture should Roo draw that makes the person smile? Can we make it colorful? Can we make it special by adding layers of other materials? Where should a shipping stamp and returning address go? All these are great fun (and educational) conversation points. 
Usually one side ends up being pretty "colorful" and I write what Roo wants to say to the person on the other side as a message.

My parents once told me that whenever we think of someone..., the special someone is also thinking of you even over the distance. I think writing a letter has the same effect... with a beautiful delayed gratification. 
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Let the flowers stand out! May 03 2013

If you only have a few cut flowers from the garden (or neighborhood) to share with the special someone..., here is an idea to let them stand out!

Frame them with colorful mt masking tapes using a little corner in your house!

Sending the virtual love! April 24 2013

Happy Mother's Day! from Baum-Kuchen on Vimeo.

Some of our moms live in distance...
Of course... sending a card via old school snail mail will be a lovely gesture... but why not make it engaging and personal by shooting a small video?  You don't need a fancy video recorder...  You can use an iPhone, Flip Video, a point-and-shoot digital camera with a video capability... or any other equipments that are available to you!

Let's bring some happy surprises to Mother's Day! April 23 2013

When we think of giving flowers to mothers, does it always have to be a big bouquet from a formal flower shop? Definitely not! Instead of being grand..., a mother's day gesture can be a little something that brings extra happiness to her day.

A gift of fresh green May 02 2013

Boxed arrangement can be approachable even though you are new to flowers since you have a box as frame and a a floral foam as foundation. Using shades of green takes away the color scare! (I know some men can fall into this category... I am not naming whom:) Greens are also appropriate since May is definitely the season for fresh new sprouts! What can be more "shun" (means "in season"... in Japanese) when we consider Japanese aesthetics.

Give a small (and portable!) garden to a mom from the entire family! May 02 2013

"Japanese word "Yoseue" implies to "group planting". Expanding from this concept... a family can get together and create a casual “garden” made of 3 - 5 pots. Idea is easy as each member of your family select one favorite pot of flowers or plants... and put them together into one! Each pot can be as small as it sits in a palm. A family can put these planters in an iron basket, wooden box or any other container available to them so together it becomes one gift and looks like a little garden. A mother (or a grandmother) can enjoy the portable garden as is in the basket, take out each pot and place each one as she wants, or plant them in her yard if she has one!"

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