Analogue System to transform dreams into reality // Lisa Kawai November 25 2014

I love how each person uses analogue system differently to connect dots between today and tomorrow. Lisa is at this amazing place in her life where she works for advertising industry as a consultant while pursuing her dream in lifestyle flower arrangement. 

I am excited to share the story about how she organizes her time while staying inspired for what's next in life. I hope you enjoy peeking into her analogue system!  


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Treasuring the way of living // Lisa Kawai October 30 2014

Hello Baum-kuchen friends!  Happy to be back to this month’s love letter from Tokyo where autumn is in the air and day after day gets darker. When I first thought of the idea “treasured artifacts", I paused a moment and had a small panic moment since we recently went through “cleansing” our house! We got rid of so many big and small items - from number of rooms (!), clothes, tableware we didn’t use over period of time, to a collections of small gifts and souvenirs that slept in the drawers. We revisited all these “possessions” that we owned and are now left with minimal number of belongings that survived the screening process. We made sure that these objects are reflective of our current lifestyle and values (...with some remaining desires that went into a future wish list!). So sitting in front of the computer, I thought, "oh no…we do not own any family keepsake artifacts for the sake of owning them because we just stopped doing that".  
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