The Journey That Takes You Home // Angie Park September 01 2016

The Embrace of Beginnings // Angie Park July 02 2016

“If you focus on what you’ve left behind you will never be able to see what lies ahead” —Ratatouille


The embrace of a new beginning is beautiful.

New beginnings are an experiment where each of us chooses to re-imagine our lives— beyond societal rules, norms, expectations, etc.— a concentrated effort to start a new phase of life that forces us to make choices and be courageous. Though phases of life can come in all shapes, sizes and forms (such as getting married, buying a house, having kids, etc.), it is also instigated by a deep inner need for change and growth.

As I begin to transition into a new chapter of my life, I find myself grieving for the old one, as I slowly detach myself from old routines and old feelings to recover and reinvest in my new life. Although I am not leaving everything behind, I feel the need to give myself permission and space for the new experiences to come. 

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Travel with Purpose // Angie Park June 01 2016

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." ----

We’ve always been on the move.

Since we were hunters and gatherers in search of food.
Since we began to build roads that allowed us to travel and caravan through continents.

We moved and travelled for the purpose of trade, commerce and religious convictions that took people like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo to foreign parts of the world to encounter new strange lands where they were confronted by people who spoke different languages and believed in other types of deities. Our movement spread stories, expanded minds and changed the way we view others and ourselves.

- Angie Park

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When we come across a fork in the road // Angie Park May 06 2016


"One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter." - Lewis Carroll


As young adolescents, we grow up hearing…

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to accomplish?


We think that the answers to these questions will lead us towards a clear path and some sort of ‘final destination.’ But, as we grow older, and gain new understandings, you realize these answer are not set in stone, but it shifts, adapts, and changes with time. These questions continue to pop up again and again over the course of our lives (sometimes, in different formats), and it allows us to reflect and re-calibrate. Sometimes, we come across a fork in the road— a chance for us to make adjustments, and re-set our path. These opportunities require us to make decisions.

- Angie Park

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More Than Words // Angie Park March 09 2016


Early February, I headed to Singapore for work. One of the things I wanted to investigate during my travels were the transformations that occur when we set aside time to write a letter to someone we love from afar.

What changes in you?
What changes in the relationship between you and the person who receives it?
What makes this mode of communication so special?

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Crossroads: Q&A with Erika Nishizato February 02 2016

Two years ago, when I left New York City, my friend Erika Nishizato also embarked on a long journey across the world. She's a kindred spirit who loves to travel and wander the world as I do. Since then, our lives have drastically changed, in ways we couldn't have imagined. With that comes daunting unpredictability but also adventure and boldness as we continue to build our "new" lives. Here, a Q&A conversation with Erika from across the world. 

Adaptation by Yuri Angela Chung February 02 2016

I'm a strong believer in the "Laws of Attraction" — sometimes, people magically enter your life in meaningful synchronicity.  Yuri and I grew up together in the suburbs of California, but it's only till recently that we re-connected, under such strange circumstances. Her courage, relentless dedication to her work and her gusto for life inspires me everyday. Yuri's story emboldens me and encourages me to evolve, adapt, and continue to become a more authentic version of myself. I hope she inspires the same to you— to shine brightly even during a storm. 



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Nothing is lost in the universe. // Angie Park November 22 2015


As Fall comes to a close with the Winter season at bay, I'm excited to share my Autumn adventures and inspirations with the Baum-kuchen family. When the air becomes crisp and the leaves begin to change its color—the direct visual and sensorial changes move me in a deeply visceral way.  It's a yearly reminder that time is moving forward, and I swallow its implications with tender, loving bittersweetness. For me, it's often a time of reflection and I love to spend time traveling during these months because it coincides so well with my inner yearnings. 

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Stories They Tell September 10 2015


This fall... Angie and I are exploring the idea "Layers of time" at Baum-kuchen. The concept is fitting to Baum-kuchen in so many ways since we are constantly refining our collection with artifacts that are meant to grow with us over time and are trying be mindful about how powerful "time" can be in our everyday. 

I am thrilled to share the first "Layers of time" story written by Angie. About her journey. I know her previous video about her father has brought a lot of big feelings to our Baum-kuchen friends near and far. I admire her for continuing her journey even small step at a time. And I appreciate her for sharing her voice. 



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Carving one story at a time / Interview with Brian Christopher of Arbor July 21 2015

It is my (humble) belief that so much of our happiness derive from honesty, truth, clarity, simplicity and also acceptance of imperfections. Sometimes, we come across things that really captures these qualities in a tangible way. Today, we're excited to introduce Arbor and Brian-Christopher, an artisan behind Arbor's beautiful collection. He creates simple, handmade artifacts and furniture that allow the natural beauty of the wood to speak for itself. We were captured by his beautiful work, but also the evolution of his journey that led him to Arbor.

I had the pleasure of asking Brian-Christopher about his shop Arbor (, his inspirations, his process, etc. I hope you are inspired, just like we are!

-Angie Park

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Following wild inspiration / Interview with Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase July 21 2015

One of the things that bring me joy is the unique beauty of California wildflowers— colorful, vibrant and untamable. I stumbled across California based floral designer,  Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase ( several months ago, and was immediately captured by the cinematic quality of her pieces and the way she captured the landscape of California through her work— the arrangements feel untamed, wild and free.  I love the way memories, stories, and the idea of "home" is infused in her pieces.  Flowers are ephemeral and transient, but there's an everlasting quality to them— the smells that bring back memories, the colors that remind you of someone, the feeling of being gifted a large bouquet of beautiful roses. All those reminders that you carry within that brings bountiful happiness.

-Angie Park

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"Happiness comes from within" by Angie Park June 23 2015

This post might feel little different from our past stories we have shared. As we approach the season of summer... we asked our friend Angie Park to dig deeper into what the phrase "happiness comes from within" meant to her. Neither of us knew exactly what was going to come out of this process (much like many creative projects that happen within Baum-kuchen) but we trusted that the process will take us to where we needed to be.

The result is a truly personal story of Angie's recent life experience of saying farewell to her father and what came after. The part of "life" that doesn't get shared often openly. I hope you will have five minutes to hear her story... wherever you are... because immersing myself in her voice made me see "everyday" differently. 

Thank you Angie for your courage to speak and share a story that is so close to your heart. 




Story and Footage: Angie Park

Edited: Baum-kuchen

Music: Lake Yarina by Josh Garrels from

Re-discovering the lost art of handwriting September 11 2014

Hello readers! I'm excited to be part of Baum-Kuchen's September newsletter around the lost art of analogue. It feels like just yesterday when I spent hours recording music on cassette tapes, creating scrapbooks from magazine cut-outs and developing rolls of black and white film in a darkroom. What is truest and dearest to my heart is the art of handwriting— I spent many hours of  my youth practicing my loopy L's and my teenage years composing letters to my friends and writing bad poetry.  They're like capsules from another time and something I hope we continue to pursue and treasure in this digital age. Enjoy!

— Angie Park

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