"Happiness comes from within" by Angie Park June 23 2015


This post might feel little different from our past stories we have shared. As we approach the season of summer... we asked our friend Angie Park to dig deeper into what the phrase "happiness comes from within" meant to her. Neither of us knew exactly what was going to come out of this process (much like many creative projects that happen within Baum-kuchen) but we trusted that the process will take us to where we needed to be.

The result is a truly personal story of Angie's recent life experience of saying farewell to her father and what came after. The part of "life" that doesn't get shared openly very often. I hope you will have five minutes to hear her story... wherever you are... because immersing myself in her voice made me see "everyday" differently. 

Thank you Angie for your courage to speak and share a story that is so close to your heart. 



p.s. you can read little bit of "behind the scene" story here


Story and Footage: Angie Park

Edited: Baum-kuchen

Music: Lake Yarina by Josh Garrels from marmosetmusic.com