Today is the only day... January 28 2015

I hope your first month of the year has been filled with amazing adventures!

Lately I have been obsessed with the quote "today is the only day". Maybe because I recently read the book "Being mortal"... or maybe because it's a new year.  

Life isn't made of huge milestones that are highlighted. They are part of it, but the big chunk of our life is made of everyday moments. The mundane, possibly boring, events that are easily overlooked.

Life is in the beautiful details that only last for a glimpse. 

Life happens this moment.

This is what the quote "today is the only day" means to us... to our Baum-kuchen family. I hope you enjoy taking a peek into our little mundane life. It's a collection of moments that makes us "us". (link to the video here)

... and if today were the only day, how would your day... or this moment.. look like?



p.s. you can read little bit more of "the behind the BK love letter" here!