Chipboard Paper Clips



Chipboard Paper Clips bring the beautiful tactility of paper to more desk duties! Use it to clip papers (holds up to 12 sheets of copy papers) or use it as a marking tab. Since it is made of durable chipboard (which is often a left over materials in paper manufacturing process), you can easily label the tab with a pen or pencil! We like using them to organize our invoice sheet in our fulfillment space as well as to mark our sample Traveler's Notebook leather cover in our shop area! We also love customizing the clips by painting them and putting mt masking tape on them! (fun, right??) 
Each package comes with 30 Paper Clips in a special box. The box can keep your clips nicely organized on your desk and its diagonal design makes it easy for you to grab the Paper Clip! 
"Insatsu Kakou Ren" (it means print/paper collective in Japanese) is a team of six small paper related manufactures in Japan. Each company specializes in paper product expertise such as book bind, print, paper fold, die-cut, letter press, etc. The result is a perfect example of manufacturing technique meets good design. 

Dimension: 1.2" x 2" (30mm×54mm)

Designed and Made By: Insatsu-Karen-Kou in Japan

Condition: New

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