MNEMOSYNE A5 Spiral Notebook / Line


Mnemosyne's philosophy is to bring more creativity to work through writing and thinking. We love their subtle ways of helping the writer/creator to organize and think beyond the box.

A5 Spiral Notebook is a vertical notebook that is great for note taking, creating to-do lists, or however your thinking takes place to organize your life and work using a pen and paper. Each page is perforated and comes with a header where you can write date/no. and a title for the page. The page is divided in 3 sections with a slightly bolder lines so you can easily organize your lists and thoughts. The smooth paper works beautifully with all kinds of pens including fountain pens. 

It's a great size to fit in your bag when you are out and about. It also fits in your Roterfaden A5 leather cover! Simply slip the Roterfaden clips inside of the spiral and voila You are ready to go. (We love it when 2 of our favorite brands can mingle together:) 

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