Lettermate is an envelope addressing guide but we think it's so much more. We use it to document a quote on our journal, write a surprise "I love you memo" to tuck in our girls' lunch box, fill dates on our Traveler's Notebook weekly calendar and put together a shop sign...

Lettermate is made of durable, translucent plastic so you can see through what and where you are writing, The cut out windows give you a straight line to write in. The windows are perfectly laid out so you can address envelope in various sizes. (square, A7, A6, and 4 Bar sizes)

We love our Lettermate endlessly because it's so easy to use and our writing "always" look little bit more organized without losing the touch of unique handwritten letters.

You can definitely look into The Lettermate gallery that is full of inspiration for envelope addressing and check their beautiful Instagram feed for daily dose of snail mail love!

Each Lettermate comes in a letterpress sleeve. We love tucking ours in Roterfaden felt pocket. Always handy by our pen and pencil:) 

Dimension: 5"x4" 

Designed: The Lettermate 

Made in: U.S.A.
Condition: New

More Photos & Inspiration on Our Blog:

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