1.61 Soft Goods Inspiration Lab (June 18th 11am-2pm)


We are thrilled to host this unique gathering to make your Traveler's Notebook (or any other leather/paper notebook) uniquely yours and feature our favorite creative partners - 1.61 Soft Goods

For the past 2.5 years Baum-kuchen and 1.61 Soft Goods have worked on so many creative projects together from Essential leather insert for Traveler's Notebook, Origami Leather Basket (which was initially designed as BK in-store shopping basket) to soon to launch Baum-kuchen charm 2.0! We love their design aesthetics, craftsmanship and maker's lifestyle.

On June 18th, Baum-kuchen community is invited to our BK studio/shop in Glassell Park to customize your Traveler's Notebook and refills (or any other notebooks of your choice:). You will be working with 1.61 Soft Goods using their beloved leather tools to create unique emboss on your TN leather or refill paper covers while browsing 1.61 Pop-up collection (some of which include artifacts that are exclusively sold through their website).
This is open-studio style Inspiration Lab so you are welcome to join us anytime between 11am-2pm and stay as long (or as short) as you would like. 

Please look forward to: 

  • having a chance to meet Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods! 
  • working with Diana and Wes to emboss unique marks on your Traveler's Notebook (or any other notebooks) - We have a variety of designs that can be embossed on your Traveler's Notebooks including our favorite quotes and specially designed mark to inspire your future travel! 
  • creating custom leather artifacts
  • browsing and shopping 1.61 pop-up collection 
  • meeting like minded fellow analogue enthusiasts 


In order to reserve your spot, please RSVP.

Date: Saturday, June 18th
Time: 11am-2pm (You are welcome to join us anytime during this time) 
Location: Baum-kuchen studio / shop
Address: 3423 Verdugo Road Los Angeles, CA 90065
For questions and inquiries, please email wakako@baum-kuchen.net

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