Yakushima Camphor Collection

Camphor products from Yakushima are simple aromatic ways to transform your surroundings to a beautiful forest. Harvested and produced in the mystical island Yakushima, Japan, Camphor Powder and Essential Oil can be used as a natural way to keep moths and other bugs away from your home. It is a much healthier alternative to artificial bug repellent that can be full of chemicals. 

They are made by Yakushima Kusunoki Shounou Factory, one of the last three camphor powder factories in Japan. They only use camphor tree branches to produce the camphor products; thus, ensuring a sustainable forestry.  It also uses remaining camphor chips as the main fuel for steaming fresh camphor chips. Their goal is to create a "no waste factory" where they use every part of the camphor harvest to maximize their resources.

Place a Camphor Powder in your closet to keep the bugs away, use a few drops of Camphor Essential Oil as an aromatherapy to create a refreshing atmosphere or try mixing the oil with other essential oils to create your own personal fragrance! 

Enjoy the fragrance of Yakushima forest!