SIWA Collection


A Japanese paper manufacture, Onao has collaborated with a designer Naoto Fukasawa to modernize the traditional paper making process rooted in Yamanashi prefacture, Japan.  Soft Naoron - SIWA's unique material - has been developed by Onao in order to create products using a new type of washi (Japanese paper). These papers are strong and highly water resilient yet soft and flexible.

Naoto Fukasawa noticed SIWA material's unique characteristics expressed by its natural wrinkles. The SIWA products are slightly creased when they come out of the manufacturing process. They feel like beautifully worn-in leather in touch and the way you use and handle them will add the unique impressions making your SIWA different from any others.

The collection of SIWA products reinvent the usage of washi, which is often used as a material for craft, to be a a source of inspiration for designs that can be used in everyday life. The word "SIWA" is derived from "wrinkle" in Japanese. In writing, "siwa" plays with the reverse order of characters for "washi" which means Japanese paper.

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